A lot of the computer repair issues can be diagnosed on the spot.  That is why we offer free in-store diagnostics, where we can tell you right away how much the repair is going to cost.

We remove any virus from the computer.  Sometimes a full operating system reinstall is required.  The customer's data will be saved accordingly.

Some viruses are hard to remove or perhaps the computer as a corrupt registry.  In this case, we suggest reinstalling the operating system.  The data will be saved if needed, OS reinstalled, and then the data will be moved back to the computer.

Depending on the error or situation, windows can be repaired without having to reinstall the operating system completely.  In other cases, it will be the only way.  However, your data will be saved prior ti the reinstall.

Your valuable data can be transferred to a media of your choosing.  If the computer does not turn on, there is still a high probability that the data is intact and can be saved.

For some reason, the drivers, programs that allow windows to work with the devices in your computer, will get deleted or corrupted.  This will cause the computer to not work properly, blue screens, etc.  Here at OCD computer repair, we can reinstall them and have your computer working 100%.

Passwords can be reset.  It will depend what version of windows and if a Microsoft account has been created by the user.  Sometimes a OS reinstall will be required.  Tune ups can be done when a virus is not necessarily the cause of the computer not working properly.  Also, we will install all critical updates required.

We can assist with any laptop repair that you need.

Whenthe screen breaks, some customers believe they can not repair it as they go to other shops and they are quoted ridiculous prices where it makes more sense to buy a new one than repair it.  Here at OCD Computer Repair we will give you a fair price to repair the screen so you can decided if its worth repairing or not.

 Most of the time the keyboard can be replaced.  In few instances, the motherboard maybe the culprit.  In emergency situations, a USB keyboard may come up handy until you can bring the laptop to the shop.


 We can help you save that invaluable data.  Free diagnostics.

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We understand is imperative for you to have your laptop up and running as soon as possible. Conveniently located, and locally own and operated, providing computer repair and laptop repair in Aurora, Colorado. You are not one more customer, you are THE CUSTOMER!!! Some places will tell you that your PC is not worth fixing, specially the ones that besides computer repair also sell them as well. This may not be accurate. Bring it to us and we will take a look at it. We have had so many customers come to us with these stories. Fortunately, in many cases, we were able to help them.

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