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Remote Support 

OCD Computer Repair offers remote support to our customers. A lot of issues can be resolved remotely. However, there are some cases when we will recommend bringing the computer to our shop (if located in an area nearby).

Any amount paid for the remote connection will be applied to the repair in store price. Please call us first so we can guide you through the process of downloading the software needed and to initialize the remote session.  Our rate is 50$/hour.

At home vs at the shop

If possible, for customers located in the Denver Metro Area, the reason why we prefer sometimes to bring the computer to our shop is because in some situations the work will take a few hours, at least 3, and the cost will be more expensive than the customer bringing it to the shop. Also, families like to spend time alone, not with a stranger in the home for a few hours. Computer repair is not an exact science and the time needed to fix an issue is not the same for every situation.


Always back up your data so you do not risk losing those important files that you can not afford to lose. Mostly we are talking about pictures, documents, and personal videos. In less degree are songs and commercial movies. These can be downloaded again but, if you paid for them, it will not be a good strategy to have to pay for them again. If you do this, and you need to take you computer some place to get fixed, be sure that it will cost you much less as all companies in the business, at least we have not heard of one that does not do it, will charge an additional fee for backing up the data. If someone tells you they don't, most likely the fee is already included in the total price.